Flying towards a greener future

Aeromechs develops innovative electrical technologies for the reduction of aircraft emissions

Our focus is on power management units (PMUs) for aircraft electrical equipment, including electrical converters, power centers, bus control units

PMUs are firmware-based solutions running on real-time control board targets.

For a cleaner, better world.

PMUs developed by Aeromechs are a smart evolution of traditional aircraft electrical equipment control units

Real-time core

Real-time core

Structured around an high performance core (MCU, FPGA, or both)



Suitable for installation within general aviation, regional, business and any other a/c type

Custom firmware

Custom firmware

Include custom firmware for power management, built using Model Based Design process

High speed communication

High speed communication

Communicate via CAN, ARINC, RS-485 and several other protocols

Rugged shield

Rugged shield

Equipped with robust protection enclosures

Easy customization

Easy customization

Provided with source and reprogramming interfaces (USB, RS-232, etc)

Quick integration

Quick integration

Can be inserted within a/c electric networks of any type

DO qualification

DO qualification

Firmware onboard PMUs is suitable for future DO-178 qualification

R&D projects

Aeromechs is working on new generation PMUs in the frame of several research projects, funded by EU and National institutions. Find out them!
  • Clean Sky 1 EPOCAL

    Clean Sky 1 EPOCAL

    Development of an Electrical Power Center (EPC) enhanced with advanced electrical power management

  • Clean Sky 1 I-PRIMES

    Clean Sky 1 I-PRIMES

    Delivery of an hardware device able to implement an innovative power management (I-LPM) function for an aeronautical electrical network

  • Clean Sky 1 MAS DE NADA

    Clean Sky 1 MAS DE NADA

    Realization of a software model for the analysis of power quality, stability, failure mode and reliability of different configurations for the Clean Sky 1 Copper Bird Electrical Test Bench (ETB).

  • PON MIUR PROSIB (ARS01_00297)

    PON MIUR PROSIB (ARS01_00297)

    Investigation of configurations for regional aircraft and rotary wing platform (VTOL - Vertical Take-off & Landing) and architecture for the propulsion systems including distributed hybrid/electric technologies to identify the best strategy to use the different on board energy sources.

  • Clean Sky 2 ESTEEM

    Clean Sky 2 ESTEEM

    Design, developing and manufacturing of an innovative Energy Storage and Regenerative System ESRS with embedded supercapacitors Energy Storage Device (ESD) for smart energy management of a regenerative Electro-Mechanical Actuator (EMA) emulator

  • Clean Sky 2 ENIGMA

    Clean Sky 2 ENIGMA

    The ENIGMA project will address the development of the Centralized Smart Supervisory (CSS) controller for the Clean Sky 2 Iron Bird platform, by means of formal and methodological approaches.

  • Clean Sky 2 IGNITE

    Clean Sky 2 IGNITE

    Development of a high performance test rig and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system for high-voltage direct current (HVDC) power generation channel testing, and demonstration on Clean Sky 2 LPA test bench.

  • Clean Sky 2 SCOPUS

    Clean Sky 2 SCOPUS

    SCOPUS project deals with the design, manufacturing and testing of modular bi-directional DC/DC converters able to achieve high power density

  • Clean Sky 2 MISSION

    Clean Sky 2 MISSION

    In MISSION project, a Bus Control Unit able to communicate via PLC (Power Line Communication) with aircraft loads is implemented

  • Clean Sky 2 HYPNOTIC

    Clean Sky 2 HYPNOTIC

    HYPNOTIC project is oriented to the delivery of a bi-directional DC/DC converter able to interface an high power battery on an HVDC network

  • Horizon 2020 ORCHESTRA

    Horizon 2020 ORCHESTRA

    ORCHESTRA project will deliver technological building blocks for a Much More Electric Aircraft, including future power management

  • Clean Sky 2 IMPERIAL

    Clean Sky 2 IMPERIAL

    IMPERIAL project will produce a compact DC/DC and AC/DC converter for aircraft application


About us

We are Aeromechs

Multidisciplinary skills are at the core of the company, to provide new technologies and solutions up to TRL6

  • Firmware development
  • Control strategies design
  • Modelling & Simulation
  • Hardware In the Loop testing
  • Custom protocols for communication
  • Support to third parties R&D

Aeromechs is on the leading edge of the aircraft technologies. Check here our holographic experience at Farnborough 2018!

Looking for talens.

Aeromechs is a fast growing excellence

  • 4000

  • 12

    R&D projects
  • 1400000

    EU funding
  • 666000

    IT funding
  • 130

    Office sqm
  • 1000


Partnerships and collaborations

Aeromechs has national and international collaborations for its R&D activities

Collaboration in Clean Sky 2 ESTEEM, ENIGMA and IGNITE projects

Coordinator for PROSIB project, end user for several Clean Sky activities.

Coordinator for several Clean Sky 1 and 2 projects

Aeromechs is Partner of Clean Sky JTI since 2011

End user of Clean Sky 1 EPOCAL project

Partner in PROSIB project

End user of Clean Sky 2 IGNITE project

Partner of PROSIB project

Technological partner for augmented reality experiences

Partner of SCOPUS project

Partner of HYPNOTIC project

Partner of PROSIB project

Collaboratio for R&D activities

Collaboration in coworking activities

Farnborough 2018

Farnborough 2018

Aeromechs at Clean Sky stand+
GRA campaign 2016

GRA campaign 2016

Aeromechs and ATR CEO discussing on EPOCAL project+
ILA Berlin 2016

ILA Berlin 2016

Best PhD Clean Sky thesis+

Aeromechs - Corso Campano 134 - Giugliano In Campania (NA) - Italy