EPOCAL (an Intelligent Power Regulation using Innovative Modules for Energy Supervision)

Start: 01.02.2013

End: 31.07.2015

Consortium: Second University of Naples (coordinator) – Aeromechs

The main objective of EPOCAL is the development of an Electrical Power Center (EPC) integrated with a devoted Control Console (CC), enhanced with advanced electrical power management strategies for the aims of the in-flight demo electrical validation and verification activities. The project is based on the following key-points:

1) an Electrical Power Center equipped with Solid State Power Controllers (SSPCs) for both power management and protection functions is implemented. Most recent technologies are included in the power center, referring to the recent state-of-art, in order to guarantee compliance with selected aeronautical standards. The SSPC component are ad-hoc designed for the implementation of both the power management strategies and protection functionalities.

2) An Electrical Energy Management (E-EM) is implemented onboard the EPC. Moreover, the EPC is equipped with a software able to perform several analyses, referring to preprocessing (i.e. configurations pretesting), real time operations (i.e. monitoring and energy management logics implementation) and postprocessing (i.e. plotting and comparison between measured and simulated quantities).

EPOCAL installed on-board ATR-72

EPOCAL internal view (Supervisor core)

EPOCAL experimental results

Aeromechs - Corso Campano 134 - Giugliano In Campania (NA) - Italy