I-PRIMES (an Intelligent Power Regulation using Innovative Modules for Energy Supervision)

Start: 01.06.2012

End: 31.12.2014

Consortium: Second University of Naples (coordinator) – Aeromechs

The main objective of I-PRIMES is the development of an hardware device able to implement an innovative power management (I-LPM) function for an aeronautical electrical network. The project is based on the following keypoints:

  1. the I-LPM strategy for the specific application is first derived and tested in a simulation environment. In a second phase the above strategy is be implemented, adopting semi-automatic techniques for translation of the simulation model into firmware used by the onboard processor(s).
  2. an EPC (Electrical Power Center) hardware extension is designed and realized, where a modular approach is considered for the overall equipment implementation. Each cell is composed by a programmable device, an interfacing stage and possibly by an innovative power device switching component (not applicable for “fixed power” loads). A “master” module is able to implement the I-LPM concept and communicate with “slave” modules for correct energy management strategy implementation. Different types of “slave” modules are considered, taking into account the necessity of I-LPM strategy implementation for both “fixed power” and “variable power” (e.g. pure resistive ) loads.


I-PRIMES integrated view


I-PRIMES equipment in final configuration


I-PRIMES module as exposed at Farnborough International Air Show 2014

I-PRIMES experimental results


Aeromechs - Corso Campano 134 - Giugliano In Campania (NA) - Italy