Aeromechs can develop embedded firmware for aircraft critical system

Due to the nature of aeronautical systems, their embed software applications are often regarded as safety-critical, which means they need to adhere to strict certification and qualification requirements.

Aeromechs provides custom embedded software applications compliant with DO-178B/C up to Level A, designed to meet the most demanding functional, performance and safety requirements for aeronautical industry.

Aeromechs engineering team can take in charge the development of micro-controllers for onboard software according to DO-178B/C standards. With capabilities spanning the complete system and software lifecycle, Aeromechs can manage entire projects from requirements elicitation to final user acceptance.

Advanced techniques such as model-based engineering, hardware and software-in-the loop, automatic and semi-automatic code generation, co-simulation between software environments, and much more, are core skills of Aeromechs engineers, and have been applied successfully achieving fast, affordable and secure embedded code generation for aeronautics equipment. Aeromechs has experience related to the platforms provided by the following manufacturer:

  • National Instrument (e.g. Compact Rio, DAQ, PXI, …)
  • dSpace (MicroAutoBox, AutoBox, MicroLab, ScaleXIO, …)

and has the necessary experience to be flexible with other customized solutions available to the customer.

Related papers

[1] B. Guida, “Implementation of a firmware for electrical energy management logics and verification in Labview simulation environment”, in Proc. More Electric Aircraft conference 2014 (MEA 2015), pp. 5-9, Toulouse (FR), February 2015.

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