IGNITE (HIGh performaNce generatIon channel integration and TEsting)

Start: 01.10.2018 

End: 30.09.2022

Consortium: University of Nottingham (coordinator) – Aeromechs

IGNITE aims to develop a high-performance test bench and SCADA system which enables the simultaneous application of different environmental disturbance to the system. IGNITE, together with other two topics, will demonstrate an efficient, reliable, compact and light in weight HVDC power generation system with the aim to deliver a more efficient and greener large passenger aircraft (LPA).
IGNITE project develops a test rig with following requirements and specification:
• Mechanical drive requirement: 60kW
• Short-term mechanical drive overload: 120kW
• Generator speed of rotation: 5000-35000rpm
• Continuous electrical load requirement: 45kW
• Short-term electrical overload: 90kW
• Maximum heat rejection to Conditioned liquid cooling during continuous operation: 10kW
• Capable of combining environmental effects and emulating degradation of the products under test
• In-depth analysis of the test results to validate the overall performance and the dynamic controllability of the overall power generation system
• Capable of simultaneous application of different disturbance to the power generation systems

IGNITE concept

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