New project for Aeromechs: welcome to PROSIB


New project for Aeromechs: welcome to PROSIB

Aeromechs will start soon PROSIB project, a PON initiative funded by the Italian Ministry of University and Resaearch, and coordinated by Leonardo Finmeccanica.

The PROSIB will bring together universities (Naples, Pisa, Palermo and Turin), research centers (CIRA) and PMI (Skybox) in order to investigate configurations for regional aircraft and rotary wing platform (VTOL – Vertical Take-off & Landing), architecture for the propulsion systems including distributed hybrid/electric technologies, for identifying the best strategy to use the different on board energy
sources. Configuration studies will be supported by trend analysis of the main enabling technologies and their preliminary validation through wind tunnel and lab tests.

Aeromechs will take care of the Technology Demonstrator Test Campaign, where Aascaled technology demonstrator highly representative of the electric power system functionalities will be designed and set up to evaluate the electrical distribution configuration in terms of networked architecture performance analysis and super-visual logics.



A new Clean Sky project for Aeromechs: ENIGMA!

Breaking news: Aeromechs has been granted a new Clean Sky 2 project, [more]

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