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The site

Aeromechs headquarters are located in Giugliano (less than 15 minutes from Naples, Italy). The activities of the company are carried out within the precious spaces of Palazzo Pinelli, currently Palazzo Palumbo, built in 1545 by architect Giovanni Francesco di Palma.

Palazzo Palumbo sketch

In 1600, famous Italian writer Giambattista Basile became Giugliano governor, and established his residence in Palazzo Palumbo. Basile’s masterpiece “Lo cunto de li cunti”, a tales collection that has been referred to as the inspiration for worldwide famous tales such as “Cinderella”, was presumably written by Basile during his stay within this palace.

Giambattista Basile portrait

Aeromechs offices are located within this astonishing location, where marvellous frescoed rooms welcome workers and guests. A large meeting room is at disposal of Aeromechs staff. Finally, the “Salone delle Feste” (Parties Room) provides more that 100 seats for hosting large events and meeting.

“Salone delle Feste” meeting room



Aeromechs - Corso Campano 134 - Giugliano In Campania (NA) - Italy