The ENIGMA Consortium will bring together the partner’s world-leading expertise in aircraft Electrical Power Systems (EPSs), smart and enhanced Energy Management (EM), Advanced EPS Control and Optimisation Methods, as well as in Modelling and Simulation for aerospace applications in order to design, develop, manufacture, test and integrate into the Iron Bird facilities an innovative Centralised Smart Supervisor (CSS) embedding the Enhanced Electrical Energy Management (E2-EM) strategy. This strategy will provide an optimal management and sharing of available on-board electric power during overloading and failure conditions such that the overload capability requirement for main generators sizing can be removed leading to substantial reduction of generators’ mass (estimated up to 15% for airborne existing class W generator, considering that the aircraft AC power source shall be capable of delivering 150% of the full rated capacity for five minutes, and 200% of full rated capacity for five seconds). Such a significant reduction of EPS weight, together with the flexibility of the EPS architecture controlled by a new Supervisor with behaviour which varies according to flight conditions, will ensure the most efficient, safe and reliable flight and will contribute towards the achievement of more efficient, greener aviation.